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Made in Yorkshire members Cimlogic are looking to get manufacturers to talk about their concerns and issues in this current climate, through encouraging debate and knowledge sharing in an upcoming webinar session.

Speaking to Claire Healey from Cimlogic, she outlined the purpose of these sessions stating that, “The purpose of this event is to discuss the challenges that manufacturers are experiencing today and how they will emerge and evolve from this situation.”

The group is looking to build on the experience of those in the manufacturing sector, and through that are asking for questions to be submitted before the event. However, in speaking to Claire, she highlighted the three areas that they’re going to focus on;

  • Staffing - how are manufacturers managing with reduced staff levels and varying skill sets?

  • Social distancing - what new measures have been introduced on the shop floor? How is staff managing working from home?

  • Maintaining productivity - how to achieve production targets with less staff and uncertain supply chains.

The panel will consist of three members of Cimlogic;

Mike Hodge (CEO, Cimlogic): Mike is an advocate for world-class manufacturing through data, information, knowledge and wisdom. He places customer value and outcomes at the centre of everything we do at Cimlogic. Mike’s background as an Electrical & Electronic Engineer for CPG manufacturers set him in good stead for leading his own technology business. Mike has a real passion for connecting UK manufacturers with technology and is extremely knowledgeable about the industry.

Fraser Thomson (Business Development Director, Cimlogic): Fraser helps manufacturers improve their effectiveness through technology adoption and data solutions. He is passionate about manufacturing and the value that digital systems and data can bring to everyday decision making and believes we should all have the same access to the latest technology that we do in our home lives, in the workplace. Fraser has a technical background in Control Systems Engineering with other specialities including Digital manufacturing, IIoT, MES, OEE, QMS, WMS, SPC, Lean Six Sigma, SMED.

Rob Brannan (Key Account Director): Rob has many years’ industrial experience helping Blue Chip manufacturing clients improve their processes to drive efficiency and performance using software tools. Rob takes his clients on a continuous improvement journey, ensuring maximum ROI while developing long-term trusted partnerships. He has a keen interest in IIoT solutions and helping his clients engage with the latest technology solutions whilst promoting a culture of Operational Excellence.

Speaking ahead of the event, Mike Hodge, the CEO at Cimlogic said, “I would like to invite Made in Group members to How will manufacturers emerge and evolve from the challenges of 2020? an interactive forum discussing the challenges faced by manufacturers today, how they are adapting to the present and how to plan for 'the new normal' future. Share your experiences and ideas with other industry peers to get a clearer view and better understanding of how your manufacturing company will emerge and evolve from this”. 

You can sign-up for the event, for free, by regestering for it here.

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