Cimlogic webinar: Labour Variance in Manufacturing - Friday 6 Nov, 11am

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Cimlogic's industry experts, Fraser Thomson (Business Development Director) and Oliver Stone (Head of Operational Excellence) will be joined by a guest client for this discussion on labour variance in manufacturing. The panellists will offer their collective experience and insight into the key labour challenges currently facing manufacturers, such as workforce shortages, skills gaps and rising labour costs.

This interactive discussion will focus on ways to increase labour efficiency in the production process and understanding how the workforce affects production costs and profitability.

These labour issues are driving manufacturers to look at new ways to monitor and control labour costs, such as automating processes and implementing digital technologies, which will be explored further in this session.

Learning Outcomes:

  • What is causing a rise in manufacturing labour costs?
  • The impact of workforce uncertainty on output & productivity
  • Real-time labour efficiency data to measure true labour costs
  • Example client stories & the benefits gained from an integrated labour solution
  • What digital technology tools are available to manage labour efficiency, highlight cost savings & improvement opportunities?

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