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As pressure is put on manufacturers to reduce production costs, Cimlogic now offers a solution to reduce giveaway on fixed weight products, improve yield and achieve better scheduling. 

Cimlogic help answer questions such as;

  • How much product is being given away?
  • How is this impacting production costs (and profit)?

UK food manufacturers typically adopt ‘overfill’ to ensure compliance with Average Weight Legislation, but the financial impacts of this can be significant. The potential savings to be achieved from eg a 1% reduction in overfill can run into £1,000,000s for large manufacturing companies.

Normally £3,000, Cimlogic’s Giveaway Analysis is offered free of charge, with terms and conditions, to FMCG manufacturers during 2020. This study examines manufacturers’ fill volumes and processes and identifies where tangible savings can be made. The analysis provides real insights for those in technical, quality or operations management roles in manufacturing:

  1. DISCOVERY – An overview of the methodology and areas of study
  2. COLLECTION – A collation of product fill weights using Cimlogic’s unique data collection and reporting tools
  3. ANALYSIS – Identification of opportunities (ensuring compliance with the latest regulations) based on client data
  4. REPORT – a valuable insight report into the client’s product(s) with achievable financial savings and recommended next steps.

CImlogic's giveaway solution uses the output from the analysis to help reduce overproduction on manufacturing lines and ensure compliance with legislation:

  • Collate production data for real-time analysis
  • Analyse trends quickly via dashboard software reports
  • Set weight standards and/or giveaway rate targets to be quickly informed of anomalies
  • Take advantage of TrakSYS™ tools for the real-time giveaway

Cimlogic support blue-chip companies worldwide to maximise production capacity, improve quality and drive profit through innovative IIoT solutions. Cimlogic offer complete manufacturing improvement solutions and support to improve efficiency and maximise productivity, ensuring optimum performance and fast ROI.

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